Make change concrete. Fun. Easy. Inspirational.

Change of mindset. Change of routines. Change of how you communicate.

Development of business, operations and profitability - with people in focus. That's how you could summarize what you get in collaboration with me. Solid experience in change processes gives you: ideas, perspective, best practice and action. It will be difficult to resist the desire to change.

I sometimes say: Do change concrete. Change should be easy, yet stable and sustainable.

Change is natural. Change is inevitable. Change can be fun. I help you to get perspective, motivation and implement the power of one percent.


I am passionate about creating perspectives, changing thought and action. It is about the development of business, operations and profitability.

Always with people in focus.


I write about leadership, culture and personal development. Six books about leadership, coaching, culture of silence, customer service and relationship marketing.  

For your inspiration and development.

Coach & Advisor

Most people overcomplicate, overthink and move too slowly. Do you want structure, simplicity and clarity in leadership? Do you want a creative speaking partner?

For more energy, commitment, responsibility and trust.

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